CD Blue Moon Dancing

Marina Raye's lilting flute melodies lead you on an uplifting journey into pure magic. Award winning, multi-percussionist River Guerguerian provides mesmerizing rhythms. Enchanting music to delight and inspire your journey. Experience the magic …

Blue Moon Dancing (8:21)
Joyful Journey (8:13)
Moonlight Magic (7:52)
4. Merging Wisdom (8:07)
This Moment (7:55)
Moonglow (7:52)
River of Bliss (8:12)
Heart of Gratitude (8:16)

One of the most illuminating aspects of a Marina Raye recording is her ability to capture a specific mood or atmosphere with her flute playing. Full of soul and expressive color, her flute has its own specific voice that entrances the listener with its sweet sound, taking them on a unique journey of the spirit with each album. Blue Moon Dancing is possibly her strongest release to date, featuring her hypnotic flute tones paired with the gentle percussion of master drummer River Guerguerian, who plays Kanjira, cajon, talking drum, tabla and gourd on the recording. The interplay is marvelous - Guerguerian's drums add to the primal, Native American-style aspects of Raye's flute playing (interestingly, even when it is an Asian drum like the tabla), offering a very organic synergy of talent.
-- Dan Cowan, Music Design In Review

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